Women in College

I specialize in working with women in college facing the unique pressures that accompany this exciting but often stressful and overwhelming phase of life.

Whether you are facing difficulty adjusting to life away from home, feel you are not coping as well as you would like with the academic pressure, finding that alcohol or drugs are interfering with your social relationships and/or academic work, or have experienced a trauma during your time at college (i.e. rape or sexual assault), a close and productive therapeutic relationship can help you address your challenges and find greater success and enjoyment during your college years.

I offer online therapy as well as in-person sessions. It can be challenging for college-age students to establish continuity with a therapist over their college years and many students to not have vehicles to travel to a therapist’s office. Online counseling allows us to build a relationship when you are home (at my office in Bettendorf) and when you are away (in the comfort of your dorm room or apartment from your computer or smart phone).

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