Mindful Parenting

Practicing mindful parenting can revolutionize your family life. Mindful parenting helps us to:

  • See our children clearly – for who they are rather than who we want them to be
  • Let go of expectations that are setting us up for frustration, anger, and discontent
  • Notice our own feelings and attend to ourselves when we are in conflict with our child
  • Learn to pause and be mindful about the approach we choose to take with our child
  • Listen to our child’s viewpoint, even when we may disagree
  • Apply discipline techniques that don’t leave us exhausted, frustrated, and depleted
  • Enjoy engaging in play and non-goal-directed activities with our kids
  • Slow down and be more present, more connected to our growing children

Mindful parenting teaches you mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques to use in the moment with your kid(s) that help you gain greater control of your own internal experience so that you can create more positive and healthy external experiences with your child(ren).

There is no “right way” to parent. I aim to help mothers find what I call their “Mama Flow” – a mother’s own unique style of being as a person and a parent that brings greater emotional health to both mom and her child(ren).

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about mindful parenting.

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